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Cracking a Crumbling

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  • Cracking a Crumbling

    I have a client that owns a restaurant and his Forno oven has a crack and some crumbling inside the oven. Unlike most of the ovens i see on this site, this Forno has been Parged. Now i hear the 3:1:1:1 mix is good but is it only good for joints? I want to see what people think about parging with this mix or if anyone has any other ideas. I want to throw the idea of a NHL 3.5 (Lime:Sand) mix out there and see what people think. I know it is not a popular choice for many do it yourselfers due to the lack of awareness of Natural Hydraulic Limes. NHL limes cure by water and the absorption of C02 in the air, so when the mortar does crack a self healing process begins. I was hoping this would eliminate the chances of having to repair it again.

    Any help would be appreciated!