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Planning Guide/Spreadsheet? Cad designs?

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  • Planning Guide/Spreadsheet? Cad designs?

    Anyone have (and are willing to share) a planning guide/spreadsheet to help calculate number of blocks/bricks/amount of concrete etc for a standard 42" build? Any cad drawings out there to guide the building? I know there are cad and spreadsheet wizards out there - I have run across some of your amazing tools... I am hoping this thread turns into a collection of the best tools out there...

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    Re: Planning Guide/Spreadsheet? Cad designs?

    If I recall, we used 78 double blocks for our base, this takes it to 1m high for the door opening.
    Where can I find logs? I need more!
    Finishing the WFO will come after the barn is completed


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      Re: Planning Guide/Spreadsheet? Cad designs?

      I will second this request for CAD file of a 42" build.

      I work with CAD and have started a quick mock up for my own purposes, but unfortunately as it is also my first ever attempt at build I am just guessing most of the dims. etc.

      A sketchup model or CAD with 3D blocks would be awesome.