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Lifting and Setting Napolino70

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  • Lifting and Setting Napolino70

    Thanks to Forno Bravo and some great tips on this forum I successfully set my Napolino 70 oven today. I did learn a few things I wanted to pass along.

    Separating the Oven from the Pallet to insert the straps was discussed on this forum. The day before I rented the fork lift I used a floor jack to raise the pallet and insert some 4x4s between the slats of the pallet near the center of the oven. Then lowered the pallet away a couple inches. You can then push down the plywood and insulation and insert the straps. I should have then tied the straps laterally so they wouldn?t slip in the final lift. I finally figured that out after a frustrating hour with the fork lift.

    Pallet Video === IMG 1647 - YouTube

    After lifting with the jack you realize the weight of this oven. The shipping slip showed it a little over 1,100 lbs. I could not figure a safe way to lift and carry that manually, even with 6 people. Note to Forno Bravo: I?m no Lawyer; but you may want to remove that suggestion from you materials.

    Another tip was to not carry the oven to the counter on straps. I did it on the pallet so I was able to move it around safely without damaging the counter (also had a blanket down as a slip-sheet. Then only lifted a few inches above the pallet to set.

    The video linked below is me setting the oven with a rented fork lift. The vid is a little long at about 3 minutes of time lapse (2 hours of real time).
    1. At about minute 2 in the vid things started to go wrong. Straps slipping, oven sliding, etc.
    2. At minute 3 I took a step back and thought it through. Repossitioned and tied the straps with success. Cut me some slack this was my first time operating a forklift.
    3. At the end when it was hovering in the correct position, I went to the freezer and got the five ice pucks I made the night before (tip from this Forum). Put them in place, lowered oven on them, removed the straps, and watched it melt into place.
    4. Forno Bravo told me to just set it on the counter with no mortar. Unfortunately my counter has a high spot or the oven has a low spot so it rocks about 1/16? of an inch. I am going to try to inject a mortar or mastic under the oven on the edges to fix this.
    All in all a bit frustrating for an amateur like me with only a DIY level of experience, but it is in perfect place with only four or five broken 1x1 tiles -that?s a 30 minute repair job. Thanks Forno Bravo for including some extra tiles!

    Forklift Video == pizzaOvenSet - YouTube