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Base for 32" diameter oven - Assistance

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  • Base for 32" diameter oven - Assistance

    I am in the process of building my foundation/base so I can begin the brick dome installation but I have some questions. I have a structurally sound 50"x50" steel frame with a solid weather treated oak top that weighs about 150lbs (an old workbench capable of holding 800+lbs). I plan on leveling the frame and burying the legs 6" into the earth with 5000psi concrete. Then, I will place the oak top on its frame. Then, I want to lay a 5/8" layer of fire rated concrete board on top of the oak, then, a 2" layer of builders sand and then the cooking surface paving stones. The perimeter will be end dammed so no sand seeps out. Is this method of layers okay or should i add/deduct material?

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    Re: Base for 32" diameter oven - Assistance

    That doesn't make a lot of sense. Ditch the oak and concrete board. And 2 inches of builders sand makes no sense. If the steel will hold it, pour a concrete slab, cover with CF board insulation, a 1/4 inch or so of sand + fireclay/brick grog, and set your ooking floor.

    I saw your other post on the mortar joints. I think you have a lot of reading to do before you are ready to start building Download the plans. Read them. Read the forum.

    One other tip for you is that it helps to consolidate all your questions about your build to a single thread. That way, people who are following your project will see your latest posts and have all the context they need to point you in the right direction

    Good luck!
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      Re: Base for 32" diameter oven - Assistance

      I appreciate your input and thank you. I will post on one thread. I have the masonry skills to lay the brick but looking for ideas and the proper materials. I'm trying to avoid errors that's all. I live in NYC (seen plenty of WFO styles, mostly brick and 4" thick in residences) and visit Italy once a year and i was amazed on the foundation bases that are used to support WFO. In any event, am i not reading posts correctly? Aren't the bricks sometimes laid with or without mortar joints? also shouldn't the cooking floor lay directly above the CF board?