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So close! First-time builder needs help

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  • So close! First-time builder needs help

    So I finished my fire brick dome with heat stop mortar. I covered it with 1" thick fiberglass ceramic blanket. I covered that with wire mesh and I parged the entire thing. Covered it with regular mason cement about an inch thick. I will now attach "thin brick" or brick veneer to the outside to make it look nicer. What I am concerned about is the look of the cement that is surrounding the opening. The cement on top of the dome will be covered by the veneer, but the side facing the camera, that inch thick of boring gray cement will look bad. Any ideas to cover it up? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: So close! First-time builder needs help

    Build the second arch with common brick at the front of the oven to close the oven in a bit and vent it out the top of your new front arch.

    What you have now will struggle to get to pizza temperature with the vent in the back and a wide open front.
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      Re: So close! First-time builder needs help

      I must admit that I have no personal experience of this type of oven but as it stands it is more like an open fireplace than an oven. Without the capacity to close it and hold heat I don't see it being particularly efficient.

      The heat will either go out the front or up the chimney at the back and without effective insulation or a fire constantly burning the whole structure will cool very quickly.

      Unless you have plans to do more structural and insulation work then dakzaag is on the right track.
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        Re: So close! First-time builder needs help

        Unfortunately for you, the Brickwood 'oven' is fraught with serious design flaws and will cause you no end of frustration. It is particularly painful since Brickwood continues its scam, fully aware that their 'ovens' won't perform to advertised standards. There is a reason no other real oven manufacturer offers a product that even remotely looks like the Brickwood 'oven'.

        Going forward, here's one of a few threads on FB that addresses possible fixes to your 'elevated firepit'.

        Sorry to see you have to go through this...

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          Re: So close! First-time builder needs help

          Yeah, I would be more concerned that the oven has no insulation under it. That, and it's apparently build sideways :0
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            Re: So close! First-time builder needs help

            Hello jgd915

            I made the same mistake as you building the brickwood oven. I did not buy their form.
            It worked up to a point but took a very long time to get up to cooking temperature.
            I cut the front opening down to the desired 63% with a brick wall in front of the oven and added insulation.

            I have since followed the plans on this site and built Oven Mk2.
            There is no comparison between them in performance both heating time and heat retention.

            A rebuild would be well worth the time and effort in the long run.