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Cooking pizza while waiting for oven

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  • Cooking pizza while waiting for oven

    I am sure some of you have tried this, but if not, pretty neat. This past weekend I made excellent pizza on the grill. Put my old pizza stone in the gas grill, fired it up for about 30 minutes all the while adding mesquite wood chunks on the side. That sucker was hot! Made 3 pizzas which were far superior to anything I have made before. Sorry, no pics as they dissappeared too fast! At least I have a stopgap until I get the oven done. Going to start the foundation this weekend I hope.

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    Re: Cooking pizza while waiting for oven

    here is some grilled focacia we made,
    takes a bit of practice not to burn the bottom on the grill, but it can come out tasty.
    I like the idea of adding some hardwood in there.


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      Re: Cooking pizza while waiting for oven

      We actually put the dough directly on the grill. I have some small pizza stones I put on the top (bun warmer) rack to act as some thermal mass and hopefully help reflect heat downward. I have never had a problem with dough sticking as long as the grill is HOT.
      "You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six."

      -- Yogi Berra

      Forno Tito