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Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

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    Re: I Did It My Way! ? Hendo?s Dome Gauge

    Originally posted by Les View Post
    Paul - I believe there is a saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention". Very clever! For those that take this approach, you can purchase an in line ball joint for around $4.00 at this site. Keep your tripod in one piece so you can take pictures of the build


    Les, thanks for your post, I purchased ball and socket parts from this place.


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      Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

      As a newbie about to venture forth into the art of purist pizza oven constructiion this little gem has done two things with out even having lifted a brick... firstly justifying hanging on to that old tripod with dysfunctional leg locks ... and secondly solving the "where to find scrap material that will make a good dome guage" question...

      Thanks muchly... now i'm off to pick a fight with some bricks !!!

      Wayne - Durban South Africa


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        Originally posted by Hendo View Post
        (Essay No 33⅓)

        Dome gauges ? there are many ideas out there ? perhaps the simplest, a bit of wire fixed by a screw or nail to the centre of the cooking floor.

        For my project, the centre of the cooking floor for some reason did not coincide with an intersection between bricks. I was concerned that if I drilled a hole in the centre (close to the edge of a brick), it would lead to a chipped corner, and I had had enough of those laying the floor (too heavy handed with the rubber mallet!).

        So I decided to:
        1. put down a temporary MDF floor to assist in laying the first ring of bricks at the correct diameter;
        2. fix a ball/socket joint to the centre of the MDF floor;
        3. fix a dowel/rod setup to the ball joint like other members have recommended to test for correct diameter, course by course.

        After many sleepless nights, I came up with the idea of using a photographic tripod ball head, fixed upside down to the MDF with a barbed T-nut, and a ?dowel? fastened to the ball head by an appropriately threaded bolt.

        But what threads do tripods use, you may well ask? It's a choice of Metric (France, Germany etc) or Imperial ? probably Whitworth (BSW) at a guess. Now I?m no betting man, but I would have thought that the first person to design a camera tripod mount would have been Continental (ie a metric thread), rather than a Brit or American. But wrong! The threads on the tripod mount are either ?? (more common) or ⅜? BSW. So I?ve learnt yet another thing during the course of this project. I daresay it could have been George Eastman who decided on the thread, and camera tripod mounts will consequently be the same forever!

        So I purchased a ⅜? bolt and ?? T-nut, drilled out the end of a scrap piece of timber and glued the bolt (after decapitating it) into the end. A few quick calculations led me to realise that I had to compensate for the height of the ball head centre above the floor, so I rigged up a system of a packer (for slope) and end stop (for internal diameter) to check that I?m doing things more or less correctly. The only problem is that both the packer height and end stop distance must be altered each course.

        Pics below are self-explanatory. And yes ? I know, don?t tell me ? the ancient Romans would not have done it like this ? but I?m inexperienced. Well at least I chose an Italian ball head! If it survives the build, it will deserve pride of place on my new tripod!

        Cheers, Paul.
        Its a good suggestion.


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          Here's one for sale on ebay from one of the forum members. I didn't elevate mine. I mounted it to a thin piece of hard board that I made round to protect the oven floor. Somewhere on here were the plans for it. It's cut in half to be able to remove it through the door after completing the dome.

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          Link to my build

          Link to my pictures