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  • Vermiculite layer

    I am about to pour the insulating layer and Iwent to Home Depot to by vermiculite. I was surprised when i realized that it comes in fine garins and not the big chunky thing that I see in the pictures in the forum. There where also bags of Perlite and that resembled the one seen in the pics.Do you think it is the right type of vermiculite?
    Should i return it and buy perlite instead?

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    The bags of Perlite I found at the local Home Depot had Miracle Gro mixed in with it and they were small bags 8 Quarts
    I did find a bag of Vermiculate at a specialty garden center/hardware store. You could try commercial garden centers for larger quantities.



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      The Vermiculite and Perlite at HD are from Vigoro and they come in big bags but while the Perlite looks like the one that I see in the pics on the forum, the Vermiculite is in fine grains...Is this the correct material?


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        The Vermiculate I got was fine grained compared with the Perlite. The Perlite grains are about 1/8" dia. or bigger.

        I used the perlite to cast insulating blocks to go under my vent arch. I did not use the vermiculate as I was concerned about how fine it was. It is the correct material but I gather that the larger grain material is best.