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Help me pick a saw blade!

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  • Help me pick a saw blade!

    I have an old 10" dry table saw I was planning on using to cut my bricks. They are old Geneva Steel Super Duty FireBricks (Same ones Utah Beehiver used) and are notoriously hard to cut.
    Due to this, and because I am never finding time(and because this is only going to be a "starter" pizza oven, as only plan on living in this house for 5 years) I don't plan on tapering my bricks.

    I have been unable to find any 10" wet/dry blades in my local stores (Lowes, HD, HF) so I started looking on amazon, and they have some fairly cheap blades.

    I was looking at this one:
    At only $20 I could afford several of these, as long as they will cut.

    There is also this one for $36, and better reviews (though only 8) but it has no picture, which worries me.

    I was curious about this one as well, which is a granite cuttting blade for $38(because not prime, $8 shipping). It not segmented, which I would prefer slightly, but would something like this even work?

    I wanted a non-segmented blade, but they are all either wet only, or at cheapest $60(and not good reviews on that one).
    I could also buy a new saw, but I really don't want a tile saw, as I already have a cheap 4" one that I have used a lot, and prefer multi-use tools.

    Input on those blades, or any other suggestions/advice would be highly appreciated!

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    UtahBehiveer contacted me, guess I pretty much need to wet saw with these bricks....and the budget keeps growing.....
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      I would agree that you need to wet cut the bricks. Go to harbor fright and get their saw. It is just part of the cost of building unfortunately. You might be able to get something off Craigslist or if. You buy new could sell after you are done.



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        You will need the wet saw. But it's $280 on sale, and you can usually get 20% off of that. Buy for $220, sell it later on CL for $100-125. Net cost is not so much. You will spend far more on blades. It sounds like you already saved money on the bricks.

        Oh, and on the "starter" oven - build it right and I think it will add a lot of appeal to any house. It's got a super high "dude appreciation" factor.
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          Harbor Freight has a "super coupon" for $219 on their 10" wet saw right now.


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            That is what I paid. Well worth it. Just use a 5 gallon bucket as the water supply so you don't clog the pump up with slurry. As for the blade I got mine from home depot. It was a rigid brand segmented blade.



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              Hey i suggest you to go through this guide if you are planning to buy a new saw or blade you'll get very useful information.


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                I bought the Makita 10" general purpose segmented blade (about $65) for the HF saw. It has taken me through all the brick cutting, cutting slate and now lots of trimming of granite veneer stone and it's still going strong. I'd had past good experience with that blade. I plan to sell the saw on CL once this and a couple other projects are done. I got it with a coupon and on sale for something less than $200. You most definitely want to cut wet-- that dust is nasty.

                I think you want a segmented blade for brick work, otherwise the saw will load up quickly and not cut as well. Non-segmented is for stuff like glass and porcelain tile.

                I also bought a 4" diamond blade for my angle grinder. They are cheap and it's convenient to be able to do quick cuts while up on a ladder, or if something more sculptured is called for.

                That consumerbase article is about the weirdest thing I've ever seen-- looks like a compilation of tools the guy could get paid to review. No rhyme or reason whatsoever to his list. An electric chain saw sharpener is certainly on every newlywed's gift list! (Full disclosure, 60 years on in my chain-sawing career I finally bought one when I started doing a lot more tree work and my go-to guy went out of business. A round file worked fine for many decades, and better than an electric one when you're off in the woods and need to resharpen 4-5 times a day)

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                  There are lots of platforms available for these types of equipment. I just bought a new one from an e-commerce website Great customer service with professionalism.


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                    Sigh ... wet saws in Canada are a FORTUNE! No HF in our country for a cheap one!
                    Anyone use a "dry" segmented blade on a chop or compound saw - any size? Did it work well?
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                      I used one on my miter saw..It worked well very dusty obviously...the bearing on the saw will get coated pretty good afterwards. All in all it worked very good and you can make any angle you desire.
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