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IV flow regulator to create steam?

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  • IV flow regulator to create steam?

    Perhaps a wacky idea, but has anyone tried the following?

    From my vet, I obtained an IV (intravascular) flow regulator, it would allow me to drip water into the oven during bread making.
    I would have a stainless steel pipe in the oven through which I could let the water seep in.

    This way I can accurately control the amount of steam during the baking process.



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    Re: IV flow regulator to create steam?

    I think I would be wary that unless the flow was constant from the beginning of the heat you would have a section of tubing that was very hot and as soon as water encountered that section it would turn to steam and tend to propel the water back into whatever reservoir you were using. In order to keep the flow constant the temps outside the tubing would have to be at or below the boiling point of water and that would be counter to what you are trying to do with the oven (store heat).

    I have given a bit of thought regarding intoducing steam to the oven interior. So far the best idea I have come up with is to have a small opening thru the door. This opening would have a privacy cover (like a keyhole of olden times commonly had) to keep drafts out of the oven. This may or may not be necessary. However, to get back to the idea.... thru this opening one could insert the end of a sprayer wand of a common garden sprayer.. (reserved for a dedicated to this purpose). Then one would spray water onto a cast iron stove cover which one had previously placed in the oven (so that it was heated along with the oven). This should protect the brick surface and would I think create a blast of live steam to the interior of the oven when wanted. By stove cover I mean the round covers typical on a wood burning stove. They vary in diameter but I saw several at our local thrift store the other day and they were not expensive.

    Hope this helps,



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      Re: IV flow regulator to create steam?

      sounds just like my how to get the roundup out of the sprayer
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        Re: IV flow regulator to create steam?

        I think Jim, who uses the garden sprayer method, has said that the water vaporizes in the superheated air. At the very least, the vapor would be really hot by the time it got to the brick. I don't think the cast-iron plate is really necessary.
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          Re: IV flow regulator to create steam?


          You are right on as usual. Long as you don't point the sprayer directly at the brick from close range, the water never actually touches it. Point it mid level, and the water just vaporizes.

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            Re: IV flow regulator to create steam?

            Thanks for the feedback, I also found that my idea was posted before.
            It's probably over-engineering a bit when spraying has the same effect.

            Still, I think it could work and would have the advantage that you
            accurately know by drip rate how much steam is added.
            That would make it easier to reproduce.