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A roaring fire in under 3 minutes

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  • A roaring fire in under 3 minutes


    Here is a video I created some time ago for creating a fire quickly, hope you find it useful;

    By the way glass door still going strong without issue - - that glass is amazing, I can wipe the soot off with a cold wet cloth while the door is in use (with the glass 800+ degrees) and there is absolutely no issue. The raised panel wood insulated door had to be reconstructed last year (after more than eight years of use, the fiberglass tape finally separated) .


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    I would advise against this method because it results in an extremely rapid rise in temperature which can be damaging to any refractory. It is the equivalent of firing a kiln with the burner on full throttle from ambient temperature, something a potter would never do, not just to be careful that the wares in the kiln won't be damaged, but to be mindful of the refractory structure of the kiln itself. You may not notice any damage to your oven, but a close look at the refractory will reveal lots of hairline cracks created from the stress caused by uneven expansion. The oven won't fall apart because a dome is a self supporting structure, but if you want to be kind to your refractory start the fire small and slowly build it up. This allows the temperature to even out a lot more resulting in less difference in thermal expansion.
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      Jim, I am finishing a Pompeii oven and getting to the door issue. Can you describe what type of glass you use?


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        Here is my post of the glass door (detail is on page two).

        This has a few more pics

        I will look around for the insulated door. It was a champ. I still have some of the fiberglass tape if you need some.
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          Here is the link to a discussion on the wooden insulated door. If interested I will dig up the step by step.