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Forno Bravo Thermometer max door thickness.

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  • Forno Bravo Thermometer max door thickness.

    I'm making my oven door this Saturday, and want to make it as thick as possible, but I didn't order my Thermometer on time(the FB one).
    I want my door as thick as possible, how thick can it be and still use the FB thermometer? How far should the probe stick out on the inside of the door?

    Also, on a side note, how long does FB usually take to ship items?
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    Keep in mind I am not an expert on thermometers, but when I was doing research many of the brands showed a recommended depth of immersion, usually about an inch, which I took to mean how much the end of the probe should be engaged in the fluid you are measuring (in this case oven air). That said, most of the builders I have talked to about door thermometers (see link below) say you have to "calibrate" what the door unit reads and what you see if you use an IR thermometer to shoot the floor and dome. What I think this means is as long as your thermometer sticks out the back side you should be able to determine a relationship between actual and measured temperature and use it to get a feel of how hot the oven is.
    As I said I didn't build a thermometer into my door, and am not sure I will if/when I build another door.
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      200 mm long probe available at this link


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        The FB thermometer (from our hosts, only $20, give em some business!) is also 200mm long. Nice thing about it is that the probe is threaded on the end. Weld the right size nut onto the outside hole in your door, and you can screw the thermometer snugly to the. door. Works great!

        To the extent that your thermometer probe extends beyond your door, I recommend welding a bit of tubing to the inside hole to protect the probe from the inevitability of your door falling over.
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          Have to give props to FB shop. I asked this assuming the thermometer wasn't going to get here on time, as I never got a shipping notification/tracking number.

          It got here 3 days after I bought it, and a day before I made my door. I did exactly as deejay said, welded a nut on the inside of the door, so if it ever breaks I can just replace it.
          It is 4" long from the end of the threads, so with my 3 1/2" thick door, the probe extendes about 3/4" into the oven.
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