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10" wet saw questions about blade size with chipster jib and blade type

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  • 10" wet saw questions about blade size with chipster jib and blade type

    hi folks

    i am a newby underway here. i have poured the foundation last week and will be setting up cinder blocks this weekend.

    now i have some saw questions.

    for the build i have purchased and am currently fixing up an old target tilematic ta10100 wet saw off craigslist that came without a blade. this is a belt driven commercial 10" saw the same as the husqvarna ts250 sold today. i attached a photo of the same model in much much nicer shape than mine.

    i have taken the saw completely apart to soak and clean off all the layers of caked dust on it and now that it is in pieces i realize i have some questions as i go to order stuff.

    #1 i plan to use a chipster style jig built onto the sliding cart but i can't tell if one would fit under the blade. should i get an undersized blade to allow room for the jig or can i adjust the blade height to fit the jig on top of the stock tray so as to fit under the 10" blade? the saw has a sliding height adjustment but i can't tell how high it goes with saw in pieces.

    #2 should i get a continuous or segmented diamond saw blade? i have searched here and seen people advocate both. i understand segmented may splash, but i also get the sense from some that continuous might be slower and overkill for firebrick. i think i want the best most precise cutting blade.

    #3 the prices for diamond blades run a huge range. is there a good inexpensive brand or a sweet spot? it seems i can buy two or event three cheaper blades with pretty good reviews off amazon for less than a single "good" blade. is that the correct move? i plan to sell the saw when finished the oven so i am not looking for a family heirloom quality blade.
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    I will try to answer some of your questions. And as a note Chip had a 14" saw.

    1. do not get a under sized blade. If you go smaller you will quickly get to be to small to make it through the bricks.

    2. I went with segmented blades. They cut a little faster and last a little longer. You will not get as smooth a finish but that doesn't matter at all. You will not see the cut ends.

    3. I used Rigid brand blades from home depot and they worked great. I used 2 full blades to do a 40" oven and trim my stone work.



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      hi randy, and a belated thanks. i missed your reply when you made it. no home depot here and i was not satisfied with the selection i found so i bought three blades, a segmented, turbo and continuous 10" in the "concord" brand off amazon that had good reviews. they arrived as completely unmarked generic blades and they have press fit diamond shape inserts for the arbor that do not inspire quality confidence. i should be trying the saw shortly as i finished the last of the resto work yesterday and now just need to reassemble, so i will report on quality.


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        got the saw reassembled after cleaning and running tonight. still needs some alignment but it cuts firebrick like butter. things are coming together.