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Wet grinding with dry grinder

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  • Wet grinding with dry grinder

    Hi folks,

    I have a polisher/grinder but it doesn't have a water attachment. I am working on a concrete counter top and I have diamond grinding pads. I was thinking of just setting up a hose to run water across the surface of the counter top. Am I risking my life? I live in 220V land by the way :-)
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    The first time I tried polishing concrete I did it with an orbital sander and wet and dry sandpaper with a dribble of water. I remember my mother did a fine job polishing a concrete shower recess by hand using wet and dry paper. I have decent cutouts fitted to my switchboard so I figured they should be adequate protection. The polisher I now have has its own cutout fitted. It is a pretty messy job and difficult not to get water splashing around.
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      With care I don't see a problem subject to using a RCD and limiting the amount of water, you definitely do not need a hose running or you will end up in a swamp