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When can I start sequential fires?

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  • When can I start sequential fires?

    The actual inner dome of my oven was done and has been dry for three weeks. This is the same for the layer of refractory concrete I covered the whole dome with to increase the thermal mass.

    two days ago I finally put on the ceramic blanket and the perlite mix.

    Yesterday I covered the whole mess with quikwall by quickcrete. Iím going to seal it today with acrylic concrete sealer.

    does anyone know how long I need to wait to start the fires? Really my only concern will be the quikwall covering but I canít imagine that will see much heat with all that insulation!


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    There may be an issue with steam escaping the sealed dome- I am no expert by any means. My thought is you may begin if you havenít already. I have read that people installed a ďventĒ in the outer layer to allow moisture to escape. You could drill through to the blanket- it might even allow you to see the moisture vapor escaping. If not go Very slow.
    hopefully some of the resident experts will provide more information- good luc


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      This is a pretty old post.
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        Good answer though....


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          Well shut my mouth- I didnít bother to check the date. Thought it was 2019

          UBCPSYC - you can definitely start the firing process

          fox- thanks for the feedback