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Primavera repair and maintenance

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  • Primavera repair and maintenance

    I have a Primavera oven from around 2009.

    I live in Maine. I wrap my oven in the tarp for the winter, but other than that it's been unprotected. Over time the weather has started to get too it. I'm looking for recommendations for how to recover and make it continue to work. I've uploaded pictures of the outside, chimney, and back wall. The oven bottom (outside) also has some pits around the outside edge.

    A few years ago it put something (sorry forget product) to cover some cracks on the outside. That's what you see in the first picture. As you can see I don't care so much about looks, just hoping to keep the oven running and alive. The pealing on the outside is all new from when I unwrapped it this spring. I'm keeping the tarp on for now till I figure best approach to stop or replace that outside protection.

    Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions. What should I do, what products should I use. In particular how to refinish the pealing outside so water doesn't get in. Second do I need to deal with the cracks on the inside (especially around chimney, and if so how).