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How Much home-brew ref Cement Mix?

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  • How Much home-brew ref Cement Mix?

    Hi There,

    Curious, roughly, about how much dry home-brew should i mix up for the dome/tunnel/gallery base pour of an oven with 33.5" diameter and 17." ceiling height? I have 16 qts mixed currently, thinking I'll need more.

    Also, since we're here. Inner dome refractory wall, 2.5" acceptable? With another 4" of perite portland mix, then 1/2" render? Floor bricks also, 2.5" depth acceptable? (They'll be over a sand pit of some kind).
    2" walmart white ones maybe ok?

    thank you

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    One of the members recently did an Excel spreadsheet in both standard and metric units for calculating materials for a cast oven. Do a search or look under :"other oven types"
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      thank you Russell


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        As a rough guide from a rough volume calculation with your plan you’ll need around 100 litres, so I’d say get 2 x 20kg bags cement, 2 x 25 kg bags powdered clay 2 x 20 kg bags hydrated lime and around 80 litres of sand. Sorry about the metric, you can convert.
        I have the spreadsheet, but the forum won't accept xls files. I think someone did a conversion so search for it in "other ovens"

        Here it is. Read this thread.
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          Thank you, much appreciate the effort to assist.


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            I am installing the bricks for the chimney and using solid paver-bricks that I carved and fired myself. Should these be laid with refractory cement like the refractory bricks used in the inner, outer and flue landing bricks? What width of mortar gap is best for chimney bricks?
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