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To tray or not to tray, that is the question

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  • To tray or not to tray, that is the question

    Over the last 18 months or so our family has been enjoying lots of yummy pizzas in our wood fired oven.
    I’ve been on a big learning curve with heating times, wood used, dough recipes, and tools used.
    up until the last two cook ups my dough was tough, more like a pasta dough. I was finding it hard to form shape. I have always cooked the pizzas directly on the floor of the oven and not on a tray.
    the results were a crispy base, easy to remove but each pizza has to be made separately and cooked separately as I made them on the peel (it’s what worked for me).

    Ive since found a superb pizza dough that requires very little kneeding but has a beautiful light fluffy dough that the whole family loves. I find it easier to make this dough up and have the second rise on a pizza tray. This means it’s easier for me to make pizzas a lot quicker when we have large crowds around.
    The downside to this is cooking on the tray doesn’t give the crust the crispness that we enjoy, so I have to remove the pizza from the oven when almost done, take off the tray, then put back into the oven to get that final crust crisp.
    My questions are:
    Floor or oil the tray?
    what tool do you use for taking pizza off the tray?
    Is there an alternative to this double handling?
    Will perforated trays help? (Using aluminium solid now)