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Using different duty firebricks

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  • Using different duty firebricks

    I’m beginning my build of a 40”x20” interior dome. I was thinking of using a medium duty firebrick on the floor and soldier row and then a high duty for the rest of the dome. Has anyone done this and how has it worked for you.

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    High duty brick have only a little better thermal conductivity and higher density than medium ditto. In real life, I doubt anyone would notice any difference in oven performance.

    High duty bricks eat a lot (really, a lot!) of blade when cutting.

    If you go this route, do your whole dome with the same type of brick to avoid any difference in thermal expansion.

    That said, it is exactly what I'm doing... Ha ha :-). Super duty (95 %) alumina bricks for the dome and Biscotto di Sorrento as the floor... The bricks were free but the blade cost cutting them would have bought me a whole oven of medium duty bricks...


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      I’m not so lucky and the best price I’ve found is $3.75 a brick for the high duty and $2.50 for the medium.

      my thinking was that using a high duty in the dome and medium on the floor I’d be less likely to burn the crust and leave the top uncooked because of the higher dome height I wanted for baking bread.


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        Good plan, that will work fine.

        However, if I was to do it again, I would not bother with the super duty dome bricks. Not worth the extra cost of cutting blades.