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Vermiculite/cement application

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  • Vermiculite/cement application

    Hi All
    I'm well on my way with my 42" Pompeii. Struggling a bit with cutting the firebrick and finding solutions for the vent/dome interface. But my question is about the insulation layers around the oven once the firebrick dome is compete. The ceramic blanket I understand. But I would like to see a video if possible of how the vermicrete mix is plastered on? Tried YouTube but after spending almost an hour on it had no luck. Anyone with a link to something that could help me?

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    Same method as building a sand castle, grab a handful and place it against the dome at the base and work your way around. The base is the hardest as it's near vertical so you will probably only get 2 or 3 handfulls high before it wants to slump. Let it setup over night then finish the rest of the dome. Repeat a second coat depending on the thickness you want and bobs your uncle.