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Where do you buy your 3 most importiant tools?

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  • Where do you buy your 3 most importiant tools?

    Been thinking lately time for a tool purchase.

    Im looking for the following...

    1. Tuscan Grill
    2. Long handle small pizza peel
    3. Andiron

    Source video

    Please share your 3 most important tools.

    Anyone have a good source to purchase these?
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    Steve, I've made everything, so much cheaper than buying, over here at least. Old steel and aluminium oven trays along with pipes became my pizza peels, both small and large and for the andiron I use a thick piece of stainless steel sheet off-cut. Any cast iron grille, with some bolts and nuts for legs make a good Tuscan grill and my oven brush is a coconut fibre scrubbing brush with a wooden handle screwed to it. I also have a steel scraper / rake and for moving coals around and I also use an ordinary rake with a long steel handle as well as an ordinary steel spade.
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      Thank you for the tips!


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        1. Tuscan grill - amazon (same one he uses in video)
        2. Pizza peel - gi metal through fornobravo store (similar to his but got the premium model instead of the standard)
        3. Andiron - gi metal through fornobravo store (same exact one he uses in the video)