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Dome connection to entry arch

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  • Dome connection to entry arch

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop a few photos of a good connection between the dome and entry arch. This is the most difficult part of the build where most find themselves lost. Hopefully a few photos will help and if yall have any questions feel free to ask.
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    That is correct. We call this a tapered inner arch on the blog and the recommended dome arch interface. As you say, it is one of the most difficult concept for most builders to "visualize" but not too terribly difficult to execute with a good wet saw and correctly configured IT (trammel).
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      Its called a bullseye on the professional side. Refractory side specifically. Bullseye is the tapered part of the arch and the saddle are the brick cut into the bullseye. You can lace this connection in, but it would be way overkill and a lot more intricate work. Id say this is the best way in my honest professional opinion.


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        Those are some tight joints on the dome! Nicely done, and thanks for the contribution!
        if it's worth doing, it's worth doing to the best of your ability!
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          Thank you bud!