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For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

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If the link doesn't work, simply go to You Tube and type Forno Bravo Channel. The video title is How to Set your Forno Bravo Oven Dome Pieces.

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Can i paint my dome oven???

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  • Can i paint my dome oven???

    I own a wood fire restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. I took over 9 months ago and am loving using the wood fire oven. The oven has several cracks and chips which i repaired today. i was going to paint the oven dome with white acrylic paint, but after thinking about it i am worried about some issues. Can anyone advice me about if i can use acrylic paint or not, if not how can i coat/color the dome.

    I am worried the acrylic paint wont hold (should i paint the dome while hot or cold?), the paint will be toxic when the oven is hot giving of fumes, the paint will peel off,,,, i am confused and cant find any help in Melbourne. Any advice on technique or products will be greatly appreciated.

    Happy cooking

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    Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

    one way is to put another layer of stucco on the oven and put tint in the stucco. They make all types, and this is much less toxic. Welcome to the club!


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      Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

      thanks amber,, i will look into the stucco,,, i want to make a pattern on the oven .. hopefully i can do something like that with the stucco.... as looking for an easy way out... happy new year to all....


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        Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

        Trot down to your local Bunnings store and purchase 10 L of flexible pointing. This stuff is an extremely flexible acrylic with fine sand mixed into it. It was designed to be used to seal ridge caps on tiled roofs. The easiest way to apply it is to water it down and paint it on. Build up layers until it's about 5mm thick. Make sure your oven is completely dry. If it has been in use for some time this shouldn't be a problem.
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          Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

          First off Happy New Year!
          Second, Welcome to the Forum!
          and Third: I would think the question would be answered by the answer to a simple question: How hot does the outside of your oven get? If it gets hotter than what the paint is rated for then it will most likely blister and peel if not then I would expect you would be fine. A painted structure in the hot sun could expect to get 120F easily, especially if it were a dark color.

          I painted the outside of my dome with an acrylic latex paint because the color coat of the finsh stucco was not acceptable to SWMBO. I have had no problems with the painted surface, but then I get no decernable temperature difference between the outside of my dome and the base of the concrete stand when the inside of my WFO is saturated and off scale on my infrared thermometer, (Meaning close on 1000F).


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            Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

            Hello all

            Thank you all for your great advice, my main reason to want to use acrylic is to allow me to paint a mural on the dome. I did some more research and found a heat resistant, flexible paint that has done the trick.

            I have some fine cracks on the surface of the dome i want to repair, will a flexible, heat resistant silicone do the trick, any other products out there?

            Thank you all again for your wonderful tips.

            happy cooking


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              Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

              Just use your flexible acrylic over the cracks. If it is doing its job it will fill them in and provide a flexible waterproof layer, but make sure your oven is completely purged of moisture, the best indication of this is that the outside should no longer be hot to touch. Maybe warm but not hot and damp. You don't want to lock the moisture in. It takes quite a few cooking firings to completely rid your oven of moisture,or so I've found.Hope this helps.
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                Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

                Hi Highway Phil,
                you made a statement
                (should i paint the dome while hot or cold?)
                in your initial post which indicates that your oven exterior gets HOT!
                I would, especially since it is in a public place - the restaurant, and besides you are losing expensive heat unnecessarily, think seriously about removing the outer layer(s) and re-insulating it.
                The outside of your oven SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN WARM if not cool.
                I can have my oven to over 500˚C and the outside top of the dome is COLD!!!!
                Your oven will warm up quicker, and use less wood, be safer for your customers, keep the restaurant cooler in summer (but also cooler in winter) and be decorated with whatever you wish without fear of poisonous fumes.
                Do you know if/what layers are on your dome apart from the bricks?
                It would only take a day or at the most two to complete the rework.


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                  Re: Can i paint my dome oven???

                  Highway Phil, give me a call on 041701779, I'm in Mulgrave, we sell what you need.