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Using Caputo Tipo 00 Flour

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    Re: Using Tipo 00 Flour

    Originally posted by RCLake View Post
    Last year corn prices were high and that lured a lot of acres into corn, therefore less wheat. I'm expecting more acres back in wheat and soybeans this year.
    I don't know about CA, but here in TX to many are driving pickups (i.e 15 mpg) with only one passenger. Europe seems to have figured this out a while back. Maybe there high tax set the move.
    Hey RC!

    I love my Excursion!

    Although, I should probably have something smaller to drive around town.

    It can take 2 days to get out of Texas driving!!!

    And with 5 kids at home and a Travel Trailer I need my big wheels!!

    You are right about the corn, and I bet you are too about the higher taxes!

    Did you get to the keystone today?

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      Re: Using Tipo 00 Flour

      Originally posted by CanuckJim View Post

      Have a look at their product range at: FARINE CAPUTO . Looks to me like Farina Integrale or Super Giallo might be the ticket for you. By the way, there's white flour, then there's white flour (really beige). I never use bleached or bromated flours, but then again I buy my flour in bulk from Prairie Mills in Saskatchewan. Often, I'll combine it with stone ground, organic real whole wheat flour that hasn't been coloured or messed with. Sometime, I'd like to find out just why supermarket bags of flour don't have to have more information on what's actually been done to the flour, what additives, beyond mandated vitamins and iron that is. That, and a mill date, so customers know how fresh it is.

      Thanks Jim!

      Checked out the site, looks really good. Now all I have to do is find out if I can get hold of any Caputo Farina Integrale... and some white to mix. I'd really love to try that out sometime.

      It is very confusing all the different flours different countries have and what they're all called. Clearer declarations would be a very good thing. I recently googled my favoured flour and found its actually a kind regional speciality, which doesn't have a name in any other language (apparently). Around here its just regular flour, something inbetween wholemeal and white.
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        Re: Using Caputo Tipo 00 Flour

        I have been using Heckers All Purpose flour in place of an imported 00 pizza flour with great results. I was given imported 00 flour from an Italian importer and restaurant owner and it was indeed very light and silky. By using the dough recipe listed on the FB site and substituting the Heckers All Purpose in place of the 00 I got a dough that was equally light and velvety and also responded very well. I used 2 tsps of salt and 5/8 - 3/4 of yeast instead of the 1/2. I don't mix the dough as long as the recipe calls for and I use plastic wrap instead of a damp cloth and have found it is just as good if not better. Once the dough is proofed, cut into the portions we planned for and put aside to relax, we find that all we do is place it on a floured board and it practically forms itself. We just rotate it on the board while slightly stretching it to 16"-18", put it on our peel and then into the oven.
        Like everything we eat and drink everyones tastes are different and suited for that individual. I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone that hasn't tried this already.