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Queen Creek Olive Mill

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  • Queen Creek Olive Mill

    I stopped by the Queen Creek Olive Mill for the first time today, and thought you guys might be interested in a few pictures. This is the place where Chris Bianco buys the olive oil for his famous pizzas, and it truly is an amazing product. It was a wonderland of olive oil and olives and breads and gelato. Any time I'm having a party I'm making the trek to Queen Creek for some of those remarkable stuffed olives for an antipasto plate, and I bought a year's worth of olive oil. I want everything they make!

    Queen Creek Olive Mill

    The main building:

    The Clean Room, where the magic happens:

    The filling station. Only four bottles can be made at a time:

    Olives on their way to glory:

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    you look at a building that size and then picture filling 4 bottles at a time!
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