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Austrailian Pizza

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    Re: Austrailian Pizza


    I too work at a smelter and am using fire brick from an oid boiler which tested clean. Being in the Environmental Department helps when getting material for "disposal". Not all refractories are high chromium type. Just get to know the folks in the Waste Group of the environmental department and check the MSDS of the refractories, then chat with your materials group and usually, you can get the stuff out with a "materials pass" or whatever the terminology that your company uses. With bricks weighing in at couple of kilo each, cost avoidance (even with the excellent metal prices) means a cost avoidance - which will make any manager happy!

    Heck, I even just found out about a pallet of non-haz refractory cement that our mine inspector found in an old storage shed which is still in really good shape. And since there is always leftover brick from rebricking projects - you get the picture.

    Well, gotta run - we are starting Turn Around (30 days) this AM and got to get the notices in and all that fun.

    Be Safe!
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      Re: Austrailian Pizza

      Here's a link to Pizza Quest about eggs on pizza...

      Mother's Day Breakfast Pizzas
      My oven (for now):