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Pizza Sauce Recipes

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    Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

    Anyone have a good way of saving sauce i tend to throw out sauce thats left over. frezze the best way ? In what wonton soup container, what my mom allways did


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      Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

      I usaully make a Lasagne with it, or Spaghetti with Bolognaise sauce. It'll keep in the fridge for a couple of days unil you get round to using it up.
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        Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

        I've been making stew the next day with the retained heat- I just throw the sauce in with the meat. I've also been taking Ken's idea to use the leftover toppings in it too! Really tasty!


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          Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

          I have been using a tube of tomato puree, add a slosh of water and a slosh of EVOO, a scrunch of black pepper, and a couple of cloves of garlic crushed into the mix.

          That's it. I don't suppose it's perfect, but it's quick and tasty.


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            Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

            Hi Elizabeth!

            I hadn't seen Ken's junkyard stew approach but that sounds like a good idea! Glad you poked the idea back up on the forum!



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              Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

              Just my two cents on sauce recipes....

              When I first cooked pizza, I wanted to be completely authentic and true to the Pizza Napoletana recipe, but soon found myself tinkering, as I do with every recipe.

              My sauce starts with a good amount of the best extra virgin olive oil I can find. Put about 1/5 - 1/4 cup into a saucepan, enough to cover the base. Chop 1-2 red onions in half through the centre (not the root) and place cut side down in the oil, Add 2-3 whole garlic cloves, bashed but still whole, 1 red chilli, whole but pricked a few times with a knife, a few bay leaves and a few sprigs of tyhme. Put on a very very low heat and gently let it cook for a while. The idea is to infuse the oil as much as cook the onion. Depending on how low your heat, this can take a while, but you want the oil to just barely bubble. Keep checking the onions. You want them to nicely caramalise, not burn.

              Once the onions have nicely coloured, take all the bits and pieces out of the oil and add 2 tins of whole Italian tomatoes and a good pinch of dried oregano. Season well with salt and pepper. Again, time and gentle heat is key. Mash the whole tomatoes a little to break them up. Once the sauce has thickened a little, taste and season again.

              Now, here is the final touch. Take about 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar in a small pan. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and boil down to almost nothing, about a teaspoon of syrupy liquid. A tip, don't stand over the pan as it boils, breathing in vinegar fumes is not fun.

              Anyways, add this syrup to the tomato sauce and mix in. Sauce finished.

              I know this sounds complicated, but I find it produces a subtly flavoured sauce, letting none of the other ingredients take over from the tomato. It leaves a sauce with still enough liquid and tomato so some cooking can take place in-oven. The vinegar/sugar step is an old french trick I think, called a gastrique and it really does lift any tomato based sauce. Sort of adds a little bit of sweet/sour, or as the Italians call it agre dolce

              So, that concludes my sauce recipe. Let me know what you think.
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                Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                It does sound like work, but I will try it. I've been using this one that I found with Google - pretty easy and it seems to work.

                Pizza Sauce Recipe - Recipe for Pizza Sauce

                Do you make a bunch and freeze / store what is left? I would hate to have to replicate that every time because we all know there is more to do then the sauce.

                Check out my pictures here:

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                  Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                  Les, I do make a batch and freeze it in small batches. Freezes fine and works well for all sorts of things. A simple dinner with some pasta and cheese.



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                    Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                    Brilliantly put ...

                    I have to say I have been using the "uncooked" route but haven't done any straining in the past. I will be straining from now on as I can definitely see the need. Some of my pizzas have been a bit on the gooey side (particularly those done on the pizza stone).

                    I figure that as I take great care in drying all the toppings out before putting them on the pizza - why should the sauce be any different? Perhaps the confusion is in the term "sauce", which should by definition have a runny consistency.


                    Originally posted by FIREANDFLAMES View Post
                    An old italian guy who came to the resteraunt i worked at and put on an "italian week" showed and explained how to make a went like this...
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                      Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                      Does any one know the recipe on how they make sauce in napels?

                      This is the Original neapolitan pizza sauce


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                        Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                        I started making this sauce during college in the 80's and have adapted it to the larger demands of having a wife and 3 mouths in the house - it is taboo not to have ANY sauce in the freezer, so I make up a batch every 2 weeks on average. Plus, if I am not making sour dough for Christmas gifts, it is dough balls and sauce.

                        Chris' Industrial Red Sauce

                        1 #10 can (large) of tomato sauce (Costco or Sam's Club) - Do Not use CATSUP!
                        3-6" sprigs of rosemary - fresh
                        1 handful each - thyme, oregano and basil (dried)
                        4 tablespoons of chopped garlic
                        4 tablespoons EVOO
                        3 tablespoons of turbinato sugar (cuts acidity)
                        1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
                        1 bay leaf - optional
                        Black pepper to taste
                        Red wine (i prefer merlot) until cooks attitude has changed for the better. Oh yeah, about 1/2 a cup in the sauce as well (optional)

                        Simmer on low for several hours - it is done when the sauce has large, infrequent bubbles. At the beginning, the sauce has lost of little bubbles due to a lack of viscosity.

                        Storing, I use the glad ware with screw on lids - be sure to leave about 3/4 inch or 2 cm head space if freezing. If in a pinch, put sauce in zip top freezer bags (1 quart) and lay flat on the shelf so the bags thickness is about 1 inch/2.5 cm. this way it thaws quickly. Also, remove sauce from bag prior to thawing - see caution below.

                        Note of caution: When storing sauce in the freezer in bags, be really careful as you may get pin hole leaks due to kids/spouses putting stuff on top of the bags. What happens is that the thawing causes the sauce to dribble all over the counter.

                        May the Sauce be with you!
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                          Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                          I was out of pizza sauce & didn't feel like making a new batch when I remembered I had some leftover huevos rancheros salsa & decided to try it as pizza sauce.

                          (It's cumin seed/onion/chile/garlic sauteed, add chopped canned tomatoes, ground cumin, S & P, simmer till thickened, stir in chopped cilantro. I think I'd used chipotle fort the chile in this batch.)

                          It was excellent.


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                            Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                            My best sauce to date was simply hand crushed tomatoes. I started with some of the best - the Bianco Dinapoli Organic Canned tomatoes. Unbelievable. I'm cooking in a home oven too.

                            I do fine without having to cook the sauce/tomatoes down with water levels in my home oven. If I'm using a burrata that can become too runny in the lower temps. I guess I'll just have to hurry up and get in the WFO club.

                            Peter's crushed tomato sauce is one of my favorites and it is not cooked and turns out great in my oven/cooking 6-10 minutes or so.


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                              Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                              If pizza sauce is like any of the putinesca or other pasta sauce I make, I usually do a large batch and freeze it in yogurt containers. Months later it tastes better than the night it was cooked (or I'm just real hungry). Anyway I will try this for the sauce, that way if the family says let's cook pizza this weekend I can say how many? and take enough out to the property were the oven is and it's ready to go by the next day. It also keeps the wine and beer cool in the cooler while it thaws.
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                                Re: Pizza Sauce Recipes

                                I make a sauce and chutney every year which is used by the other half for her general and specialised cooking and the thicker chunkier chutneys (which are really slight variations on sauce recipes anyway) are used on the pizza bases. The recipes vary from year to year depending on the supply of ingredient but I always use the same tomatoes. Here is one batch that was done and still have some stock which I and my guests find ideal, (the other half is pretty fussy, doesn't like a alot of spices/additives) and uses a simple tomatoe paste)


                                We use a couple of jars per bake but as you can see from the preserving pan, there's plenty to get through.

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