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Neapolitan like crust without Neapolitan temps?

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  • Neapolitan like crust without Neapolitan temps?

    I really like Neapolitan style pizza but it isn't easy for me to get my oven (an Onni pro) up to these temperatures consistently. Enzo Coccia in his video says you need temps between 806-869F. If you are lower the crust becomes too "crisp" I can get to around 700-750 without too much trouble. The pizzas are taking longer than a Neapolitan should and the crust is a bitter on the crisper side - but it isn't bad at all.

    If this is as good as I can get I'm not going to complain. But if I want to get that bit closer to a real Neapolitan crust is there anything you would suggest trying? Adding something to the dough? A certain technique?

    I've been using Enzo's Neapolitan dough recipe with the 00 that I can find close to home - not Cupto - but hopefully Ok.

    Thanks for your help.