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NY Styles in home oven vs pizza oven

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  • NY Styles in home oven vs pizza oven

    Before getting into pizza ovens, I used a home oven using baking steel at 550F using this NY style recipe and it was always perfect (for my taste/preference; not sure if this is even a good recipe or not). I tried using the same recipe and doing it in a 900F pizza oven but I just can't get that same spotted cheese melt as the top burns a lot quicker than a home oven. I tried using Kenji's NY style recipe as well and had similar outcomes (apart from it seeming like way too much yeast in that recipe). Am I cooking it too hot? Should NY styles be cooked at a lower temp or is there any other advice?
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    Does your NY-style dough recipe include Olive oil? Most do. That doesn't work in the temps of a WFO. NY pizzas are generally cooked at lower temps and the oil is added to help the crust brown. But @ WFO temps it makes the dough cook too fast vs. the toppings.
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