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  • pizza dough

    I am slightly confused here a little help please .
    I am about to try the forno bravo pizza dough recipe for the 1st time .It looks great as I have been trying to get my dough right for some time.

    After the dough been left to autolyse the next step " add the salt and yeast and mix the dough for a further 5 mins "
    The recipe states 325g to water to the 500g flour .The active dry yeast requires 150 ml water to activate .
    At the point where I am adding salt and yeast is this activated yeast in the 150ml of water or is it dried unactivated yeast mixed in with the salt and dough ?

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    Re: pizza dough

    I have only made it four times so far but I used an active dry yeast which I activated with warm water following the directions on the packet of yeast. I am new at this but my dough seemed to turn out pretty well.


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      Re: pizza dough

      I also only use ADY these days but have experimented with "fresh yeast" which requires dissolving in warm water first. I used the complete 325 ml for this purpose and brought it up to room temp first to get it activated...

      / Rossco


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        Re: pizza dough

        Use instant yeast. That way you don't have to activate it and you can mix it in dry. (NOTE: if you don't activate regular dried yeast it will be very slow to get going. The instant dried yeast has a higher content of live yeast cells).

        Good Luck!