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Pizza dough thats great for us gluten free folks

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  • Pizza dough thats great for us gluten free folks

    hi Peter,

    you are my favorite bread bake, have so many of your books and pizza is by far my favorite food!

    Recently I have found out I have celiacs and have to eat non gluten. This of course leaves little to be desired in the way of good bread and pizza dough

    I so miss delicious pizza, and wonder if there is any hope that you can do a quest on pizza dough for those of us who long for it now with gluten issues! You are the master bread man and if anyone can make a dough that is gluten free and taste great, I am sure it is you.

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    Re: Pizza dough thats great for us gluten free folks

    Anyone can make a dough.

    Most recipes I've seen use a combination of different flours with xanthan gum and sometimes eggs as a stabilizer in place of gluten. The problem is that I haven't seen an airiness to any gluten free pizza crusts. I did read recently about some transgenic wheat crops with modified gluten proteins that don't seem to stimulate the same response in us that natural gluten proteins do, but those plants are probably still a ways out, and of course genetically modified food has many opponents.

    There are a multitude of grains out there though, surely the right combination will result in the crust that we desire without the gluten of the past?

    What is it about pizza crust that you find so delicious?