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Cold fermintation

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  • hodgey1
    Re: Cold fermintation

    Peter's recipe in the Bread Baker Apprentice not only calls for slow fermentation but also starting with chilled ingredients. My recipe and technique are very similar to his, particularly the Slow ferment and my results have been excellent . I do not start with chilled ingredients thou I want to try it some time.

    The dough become so supple and easy to work with and the flavor is greatly improved. The only way I've been able to achieve those things is with the slow ferment. I find the side benefit of chilling the dough is being able to make it days in advance of the party which relieves some of the party stress.

    I will be extremely interested to read the replies "if any" on this topic and wish there was more dough discussion. I'm actual surprised at the lack of pizza dough discussion that takes place here. I know there's other sites dedicated to just pizza but my thoughts are with such a large population of forum members with the worlds best pizza baking apparatus in the world "a WFO" that dough discussion would be number 1.

    I know my WFO is good for so much more but I built mine because after years perfecting my pie I wanted more than the 550* my oven offered. Like the builders Brain Trust here, I think the baking side of things needs the same support from the community. Who knows, it seems this forum is currently the world foremost site for building, maybe it could become the same for baking?

    Just my Opinion.
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  • farmboy236
    started a topic Cold fermintation

    Cold fermintation

    In all your books you are a proponent of a long cold fermentation but from Chris Bianco to NYC and New Haven none of the "Great Houses" use a long cold fermentation. They seem to use a room temp short fermentation. Would you please expand on this dichotomy?