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    And my new insulated door…

    The 12mm plywood and the Hebel blocks were left over from the original build. The nuts and bolts were about $6 and the metal plates around $1.50 each. The rope I had lying around and I dug out an old leather belt from the back of the wardrobe for the handle fixings.

    I cut the plywood to clear the external arch and then trimmed the Hebel blocks so that they fitted snugly into the inner arch. I then liquid nailed the blocks to the plywood and bolted them through the metal plates. I whipped the ends of the rope ‘handles’ and then fixed them to the door with short lengths of leather and a few screws and washers.

    As the Hebel is such a snug fit, the whole thing stays in place without a problem. Looks kinda medieval but hopefully will keep the heat in.