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Karangi Dude's Mobile Oven

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    Very interesting build, thanks for posting.


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      Thanks Deejayoh and Fox,

      Deejayoh, there seems to be a lot of steel but it is light gauge and the cross braces are only there to get it all nice and square, as you will see later there are 4 doors to go on so that does not leave a lot of solid area

      Once the the frame was finished it was time to go to the paint shop, all the internal area was painted white and the external area was painted black including the underside of the trailer where we installed a metal stone guard to protect the 2 x 115litre water tanks (one for fresh water and one for grey water)
      Then it was back into the the factory for the external cladding and hanging the doors


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        I can see why everyone is happy that you are back - loving this build Karangi Dude




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          Thanks Steady,

          Hanging the doors and fitting the external cladding was quite a job, we still had to do the kitchen / sink area the local councils requirements were pretty extensive


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            To partition off the kitchen sink area we used the same material as the external cladding but in 2 sided white, then there was a folded stainless sheet used to set the sinks in.
            We then drilled holes in the floor for the waste water plumbing to the grey water tank


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              Whilst waiting on the fabricating to be finished I started working on an insulated door. Way back before the oven was assembled I traced the inside of the door arch onto a piece of ply so that later I would have a template to use to make the door (if it was a brick oven then I would use the door form as a template)
              I traced the template onto two 3mm steel plates to make a sandwich with 50mm fibre board of insulation I then cut a strip to go around the outside and welded the seems together
              I then added the handles and a couple of pad bolts (to hold the door in place while traveling) It was now ready to be sand blasted and painted with high temp paint


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                sinks and waste water tanks and fresh water tanks certainly complicate things. But it has to cover all the health aspects I suppose
                regards dave
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