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    Originally posted by Karangi Dude View Post
    I mixed the vermiculite with portland cement and filled the cavity around the base of the oven to the height of the hearth leaving enough room for a granite landing
    At this stage I used some heat beads to create a little heat to help cure the high temp mortar
    Absolutely fantistic pics and explanations. Thanks so much for sharing! A couple of questions for you: Do you find that you have sufficient stored heat/thermal mass with only the cooking floor to avoid having the floor start to get cold? Do you feel it would have been useful to have a little more thermal mass right under the cooking floor? Maybe I missed it, but how much fibre insulation did you use around the walls and dome? Thanks again!


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      Hi Doug

      Another amazing feat of ingenuity and skill. I remember you discussing this with me on the phone some time ago. It is now a reality.

      Amazing build.

      Cheers Colin

      My Build - Index to Major Build Stages


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        Some pics of the set up we had at various functions


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          More pics of our set up and some of the food we serve
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