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To build or not to build🤔

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  • To build or not to build🤔

    Once again Iím without a WFO. The wife , god bless her soul wants to buy an oven. But being a stubborn male didnít even entertain the idea that was until I saw the FB fully built ovens . They are very sweet.
    I do have the time. Maybe all I need is a good WFO pizza and a beer .

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    I see your previous oven was on the large side (1200cm), are you thinking of down sizing? I see that buying an assembled oven in the larger sizes can be quite expensive.
    My build thread


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      You could just buy a pre cut oven kit from field furnace in Sydney, they look pretty good and basically cost the price of materials. Their freight is reasonable too.

      Vince Ieraci

      This is rocket science.


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        Had the same dilemma...

        Now that I have started the build and the wife can see it coming along I have the support for full DIY.

        We almost went down the path of the kit from Seemed a much better value option than field furnace. Comes down to your budget I guess.

        I have noticed lately a lot more adds coming up on google for suppliers in australia... guess it knows what im thinking now :/


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