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  • Thoughts on this oven?

    Hi I'm new here and looking to purchase a WFO, I've found this particular oven online and it is also stocked at a BBQ store here in Darwin. I want to ask your thoughts on the design, in particular the fact it has a vent directly on the side of the oven, about a 2" or 50mm hole with a circular metal plate for adjustment. Is this good, bad or irrelevent?

    Tuscan Pizza Oven

    I like the concrete base and forklift idea for moving the oven in the future once a proper outdoor area is built. My second concern is how such an oven would cope in the monsoon (wet season) and generally humid conditions? What's the life expectancy of a brick oven.


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    Hi, I don't have answers but think a little more info may help others answer you.

    Do you have a link to the manufacturer or some sort of data sheet - dimensional drawing

    Is the oven brick or pre-cast with brick patterns?

    I don't understand what the hole if for or how useful it would be. Fire brick sucks up water so I would cover/roof it or put a cover like a tarp over the wet season, it can take a long time to dry out and while its wet they don's work efficiently - lots of wood and don't hold heat



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      I did try putting a link up but it got knocked back. It's a brick oven apparently made in Cypress. If you search Tuscan pizza Oven there are two online retailers.


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        Here's the link - you might not be allowed to post because of your new status

        that said, doesn't look like this has any insulation, nor is it mentioned in the spec. I'd be wary of that, if correct
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