Hi Guys,

I am building my brick chimney and wondering how I finish the top of it, I am putting an anchor plate about 700mm above oven floor with 8" flue coming off it 2 mtrs high, I will build bricks up a few courses above anchor plate but I am just wondering what my options are for enclosing the flue at the top of bricks, I will attach my rough sketch.

My complete guess's;

-Do I fill around flue with refactory mortar mix and if so what stops it all falling down the chimney whilst I put it in? and do I need something between mortar and flue to prevent cracking and water coming in?
-Do I use flashing, if so do I need to fabricate it myself and out of what? then how do I create a waterproof seal around flue pipe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry if this information has been done 100 times over.

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