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  • Materials in Vancouver, BC

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading the forum for a month or so now while I prepare to build my oven and have learned a lot from all the members, what a great resource.

    I've had some difficulty tracking down materials in the Lower Mainland, but I've almost found everything so I thought I'd share.


    BC Brick Supply in Richmond- 1.18/brick
    IXL Masonry in Burnaby- 1.80/brick

    Fire clay

    Only supplier I could find was Greenbarn Potters Supply in Surrey. 100lb bag-16.00

    Vermiculite/Perlite Large bags

    AADT Solutions Vancouver Branch-604 322 6652 Have 110L bags of perlite for 13.75 and vermiculite for 26.50
    David Hunter Garden Center on Broadway has bags for around 50.00
    John's Plant Factory on Hastings has bags for around 40.00

    Insulating blanket/board

    Clayburn Refractories in Abbotsford. They sell firebrick and premix mortar as well, but the prices were significantly higher than elsewhere so I decided not to use them. I suspect that I may have been quoted a high capacity firebrick rather than medium, but by then I had found another supplier.

    One interesting note is that both Clayburn and BC Brick reported that ALL of their pizza oven customers had been buying and using the premix wet mortar. After more research on the forum, I continued my search for fireclay as the general consensus is the homebrew mix is superior.

    I hope this will save people some time and feel free to post if you have any questions.


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    Re: Materials in Vancouver, BC

    I'm looking for some ceramic fireboard. Does anyone know where I could get some?


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      Re: Materials in Vancouver, BC

      Clayburn in Abbotsford would have it or be able to point you in the right direction.


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        Re: Materials in Vancouver, BC

        Thanks Jesse.

        I just started the search for materials and you saved me tons of time.



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          Thanks for this post I’m building on Vancouver island and and coming to Vancouver next weekend to get supplies. How did the stove turn out ? What did you end up using for insulating the floor?