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  • Fire place panels

    Can I use wood burning fire panels to cook my pizzas on.
    Just dismantled my old fireplace and wanted to use them as my base.
    I never used the fireplace and i have been here 15 years.

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    I doubt it but I don’t really know what you mean?
    what are they made from?
    where were the panels in relation to the fire?
    You can very often find vermiculite panels inside wood burners but you could mean cement board that is used for fire place surround backing board ... but in any case there are very few materials that will stand up to 500c and have a lasting hard finish.


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      they are precast cement panels (3) 17"X17" that were on the inside of the 3 sides of the fireplace
      and a 28"X13" base on the bottom that is what contained the fire


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        Ok well that sound quite promising, maybe you can use them .


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          As long as they're not so old as to (potentially) contain asbestos, you should be good.
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            What is the thickness of the panels? Fireplace panels are often replaced when used on a regular basis. The oven will see higher temps than for which fireplace panels are designed.
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