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  • Build in Central Georgia

    Hello from Central Georgia

    Are there any other WFO builds in the central Georgia area?

    Having finished my oven to the point that I can cook the finishing part has taken a bit longer than I had planned. Cooking has taken over from building.

    These ovens are amazing in their versatility. They will cook Pizza to Ribs and everything in between.


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    Hi David from Woodstock, Ga. Just getting started in planning stage for a build this fall. Previously have scratch built a couple of Alan Scott designs (see pic). Anything I can assist with please let me know!


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      Howdy, David. I'm not from Georgia, but I'm just west of you in East Alabama. Started my build about two years ago and I'm almost to the curing stage. You have a great looking oven. Having it inside must be a bonus.

      Shelby, I love the stone work on the oven in the pic.

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        Hello Ray and Shelby

        It has been a couple of years since I have bee o the Forum. My oven is finished ad Cooking up a storm. The oven is not in side but in a covered breezeway. Almost inside but not completely. Makes it very handy in all types of weather.

        I have cooked more meat than pizza. Boston Butt does great in it. Turkey is very moist and cooks great. I then put the remains of the turkey in a big pot with water to make stock. Free heat.
        One of the neatest things I have done is Peta bread. Watching it puff up is so cool.

        Let me know if I can help in any way.