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Your favorite dessert pizza and recipe

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  • Your favorite dessert pizza and recipe

    Last night I did a dessert pizza. I did a smores pizza. I used some left over dough and pre cooked it then pulled it to add chopped milk chocolate crumbled graham crackers and the bigger marshmallows sliced like pepperoni and the reason why I did the marshmallows like that was because when you slice them they are sticky and they stick and don't slide off in the oven but you can use any type probably even the fluff stuff.

    I'd like to try and make a more sweet dough next time maybe add some sugar to it.

    What is your favorite recipes to make for dessert??? Let's not keep this just pizza based because I have made apple cobbler many times in the oven in a cast iron pan and it was delicuous.

    Can't wait to see what everyone has come up with or tried.

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