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    Re: Wood Splitter

    Just scored some more fire wood.

    Driving home I noticed a cut up tree outside a house. Stopped and asked about it and they said if I wanted it to please take it. So I got my truck and started to haul it home. 5 loads so far and possible 2 more.
    White oak.



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      Hii all ,

      I always find it frustrating looking of people using new splitter designs though. I have no problems splitting the nice straight grained short pieces they always demo on. I really want to know how these things handle in the real world, where your logs have twists and knots. Our fires take 18" to 22" logs too, not those short little 12" things. Fewer saw cuts and they are easier to stack too.


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        Hello Alden
        I borrowed a hydraulic log splitter. I think it was rated to 20 ton. It had no problems with anything I put in it including some Sweet Gum. I would usually not bother with Sweet Gum as it is very difficult to split with twisted and interlocked grain. It would have to cut all the way through the log instead of splitting it but it got through it.
        It was not a top of the line log splitter.

        I normally use a maul to split Oak.