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Any good brisket recipes

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  • Any good brisket recipes

    Any on have any good recipes for a roast or brisket and tips on cooking it in my oven having my 6 and 7 fire this weekend and I would like to cook something after I hit my temp goal going for 900 on Sat then I will try for the big fire then the frighting fire.

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    Re: Any good brisket recipes

    Well my oven isn't done yet, but I have cooked brisket numerous times on my grill.

    Here's what I am going to do when my oven is finished.

    I would shoot for loading the brisket when the oven is about three hundred, maybe three fifty. It depends on how fast the temps drop off, but you will need a good 8-10 hours at around 250-225.

    For my brisket I smear prepared mustard(helps tenderize and add flavor), and then I give it a nice dense coat of my season mixture.
    1/4 fresh course ground pepper, 1/4 salt, 1/4 garlic powder, 1/4 onion powder.

    It can be 1/4 th of a cup or 1 cup of each, depends on how much you need, and what you want to put it on, but it's great on everything.

    I would then put the brisket in the oven and throw wood chips on the coals for the first two hours. Then I would leave it alone. And let it slooooow cook. I do have to wrap mine in aluminum foil on my grill after the first 2 hours, or it will dry out.

    I am not sure about the wood oven, they are supposed to much moister.

    Let me know if you try it this way, I would love to see and read about the results.
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      Re: Any good brisket recipes

      This is my killer brisket recipe. It is a winner, but I have never made it in the WFO...It would probably be a recipe for the day after the fire in my oven...

      Slow Roasted BBQ Brisket from Houston Texas


      1 4-5lb beef brisket (for a larger brisket, double or triple the sauces)

      Sauce #1

      4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
      2 Tbs Liquid smoke
      4 Tbs Soy sauce
      2 tsp Garlic powder with salt
      2 tsp Onion Salt
      2 tsp Black Pepper
      2 tsp Salt
      Dash of Tabasco Sauce to taste

      Sauce #2

      6 Tbs Dark brown sugar
      1 Cup Ketchup
      2 tsp Dry mustard
      2 tsp Lemon juice
      2 Tbs Soy Sauce
      ? tsp Nutmeg
      Dash of Tabasco to taste

      Mix all of the ingredients for Sauce #1 and let them stand 20 minutes.

      Place Brisket in a deep roasting pan and cover with sauce#1. Cover brisket with foil. Bake for 3 hours at 300 degrees.

      Mix all of the ingredients for sauce #2 and let them stand for 20 minutes.

      After brisket has baked for 3 hours pour off about ? of the drippings. Cover with sauce #2 and cook another 1&1/2 hours covered with foil.

      Let Brisket rest for about 30 minutes before slicing.

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