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Pizza oven to cook everything?

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  • Pizza oven to cook everything?

    Hello Forno Bravo Forum,

    As you guys can see from the title my question is today can you cook anything in a wood fired pizza oven? At the moment I and a friend are running a guesthouse in Kampot, Cambodia and our oven has decided to stop working. Getting an oven fixed here is pretty expensive due to them not being that popular and just to make it a little worse we would have to travel in a car 3-4 hours to the next big city to get it fixed, all a big nightmare really.

    Anyway, we have a pretty big wood fired pizza oven out the back of the kitchen and was wondering if we could use it not just to cook pizza but maybe pasta bakes and Sunday roasts, things like this. How do we gauge the temperature? what are the best woods to use? How do I prevent that slightly smoked flavour? Pretty much anything that will help me turn our wood fired pizza oven into an oven type thing (sorry about my terrible terminology). We have tried looking through recipe books like these and cooking in the wood fired oven but it's just not working how we imagined,

    Really looking forward to speaking with you guys, if there is any other information you need please let me know and I will get back to you.

    The picture is the closest I could get to what ours look like apart from a bigger whole to place pizzas etc and a flat roof.
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    Here is a link to one of the Forum's premier chefs, he does all types of dishes.

    You can use a infrared temperature gun, very inexpesive to give you a decent oven temperature.
    Most hard woods are good for cooking, although some exotics can be toxic. Do a Google on woods for BBQs.
    You will not eliminate the smoky flavor as long as you have a live flame.

    Good luck.

    I have a good friend who owns a gourmet peppercorn farm in Kampot (what this area is known for).called Kampot Farm and Tasty.
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      Thanks for the reply I will check out that link now