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  • What's Karangi Dude Cooking?

    This thread has been restored with the permission of Karangi Dude. Welcome back to the forum. For those who do not know KD we are sure you will enjoy his exploration of WFO cooking.

    Utahbeehiver and Gulf

    My name is Doug

    I hope you enjoy the methods and recipes that I use to cook in my WFO and that there is something of interest in the following posts


    Karangi Dude

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    Cooking in the WFO

    Spinach and Three Cheese Pide and Morocan Spiced Lamb Pide

    Pide is a Turkish dish,
    To make Spinach and Cheese pide you can use your favorite pizza dough just make an oblong shape about 12x8", you can roll if you want as it does not need to puff like pizza. You need uncooked spinach about a cup full, spread it down the dough about 2x2" then sprinlkle diced onion on top and then add the cheese. I allways use feta and 1 or 2 other cheeses say a mature cheddar and mozzarella sprinkle them on top and then pull the dough over the top and pinch to seal, cook a little cooler than you would a pizza. Take it out when it is golden brown and brush on a little melted butter and squeeze on a little fresh lemon juice. Let cool a little and slice diagonlly about 1" wide to serve. It is a little bit hit and miss just adjust to suit yourself.
    When I make pide I use Turkish bread dough but that is just my preference there is other fillings as well like spiced lamb etc.

    Morocan Spiced Lamb Pide, for the filling I used lean minced lamb, onion, garlic and morocan spices precook in a fry pan simmer until tender and not to wet. When I assembled the pide I added the filling and some shredded cheese. Cook at less temp than for pizza and just until the dough turns golden, to serve brush with melted butter and sprinkle with a little lemon juice and a few dollops of yogurt mixed with mint, olive oil, salt and lemon juice.
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      Breakfast Pizza,

      This is my version of Alter Ego's hangover pizza. (Thanks Paul)
      Made with egg, bacon, Italian sausage, roasted capsicum, mushroom, cherry tomatoes on soft pizza dough.
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        First Roast,

        Roast Chichen and Vegetables baked potatoes and pumpkin
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          First Pizza,

          I always seem to forget to take pictures of my pizzas this is the only pic I have of my first pizza sorry a little out of order. It was the very first thing I cooked in the WFO it was a Margarita I like to put the basil on just after I take the pizza out of the oven, I like the freshness.
          Sorry no pic of the finished result.
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            Young duckling cooked a l'orange style,

            A friend gave me two ducklings that she and her husband had killed and dressed for me.

            Stuffed ducks cavity with orange pieces (skin on) and rosemary spriggs,
            made a baste of orange marmalade, olive oil and wisky mixed and heated slightly and strained out the peel. Set duck on rack and cooked at 220c for 1.5hrs basting after the first hour and just before carving.
            Note; don't baste before cooking as it will caramelize to quickly and burn on the skin.
            Served with roast potatoes, herb encrusted tomatoes and baby beans with sliced zucchini drizzled with garlic butter. All cooked in the WFO I made a gravy with the pan juices and remaining marmalade baste.
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              Ossobucco and Polenta Slow Cooked

              Put Ossobuco in the oven before I went to work at 8am Tuesday temp 105c took it out when I got home at 5.30pm the temp was at 90c. I made some polenta to serve it with. Meat just fell of the bone taste was great.
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                First Bread

                2 Turkish Bread
                2 Ciabatta loaves
                2 French Sticks
                2 Pizza Buns
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                  Beef Jerky

                  I was wondering how the oven might be used for drying meats etc.
                  So last night after taking out the Ossobucco I had made, the oven was still 95c so I let it cool down while I prepared some Beef for Jerky. I left the beef strips in marinade for a few hours and before I went to bed I put it in the oven @ 75c and put the door on. Took it out this morning at 7.30am @ 60c and it turned out better than the jerky we normally make with our dehydrator my family said it was the best yet.
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                    Pork Belly with Fennel and Apple Cider.

                    Salt the skin of the pork and place in a baking tray skin up, put the tray under a grill to crackle up the skin. Then place sliced Fennel around the pork (I also added a few Shallots) add about 2 cups of Apple Cider .
                    Place in the WFO at 185c for about 50min with the door on.
                    Served on a bed of Sweet Potato Mash and Baby Spinach Leaves with a drissel of olive oil.

                    Wine; Chenin Blanc
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                      Lamb Shanks 12 hour

                      Lamb shanks in red wine slow cooked in the oven for 12hrs.
                      Lightly brown the shanks on the gas top for a few minutes then added Veg Stock, Oregano, Brown Sugar, Red Wine, a little water and seasoning. Then put the lid on the cast iron pot and place in the WFO at 95c (using the residual heat from Sat Night) I left it in the oven for 12hrs while I went to work, I took it out at 6.30pm at 77c. I took the lamb out and sat it in the oven to keep warm while I made a Jus out of the liquid.
                      Served with New Potatoes, Broccolini, Asparagus and Pastry Twirls with bush spices.

                      Wine; Shiraz
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                        Crusty Bread Rolls

                        Crusty French Bread Rolls about 4" dia. unbleached bread flour 68% hydration
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                          Corned Beef Slow Cooked

                          Old fashioned Corned Beef with a New twist.
                          Pat dry the corned beef with paper towel and rub with raw sugar then wrap in foil and put in the fridge. Do this again the next day and on the 3rd day stud with cloves place in cast iron pot and pour in 1/3 cup of water. I slow cooked it in the WFO at 100c for about 10.5hrs while I went to work.
                          I served it with sweet potato mash on wilted baby spinach, baby beans and brocccoli. I made a light mustard sauce for the beef.
                          Note: you are not boiling the meet you are slow cooking it so not to much water.
                          I have been doing this one for a while but in the slow cooker.
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                            Greek Souvlaki

                            Minced Lamb and Chicken with Greek spices wrapped in Pita, that I had previously made. Served with salad and Greek Tzatziki.

                            Asimenia's recipe for Tzatziki

                            I tub 250g strained Greek yoghurt
                            1/4 cucumber grated on small holes - squeezed of all liquid (do that by squeezing the grated cucumber in your hands). Add to yoghurt. 1 clove of garlic peeled and grated using the side of the grater with small holes (as before) add to yoghurt. 2 tbsp olive oil - 1tsp vinegar - salt (approx 1/2 tsp) add all to yoghurt and mix well! don't peel the cucumber - just wash well.
                            (thanks Asimenia)

                            I use lemon juice instead of the vinegar and cut back a little on the salt.
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                              Prosciuto and Gorganzola Pizza

                              Prosciutto and Gorgazola, standard crushed tomato sauce with a drizzle of olive oil.

                              Wine Cab/Sav.
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