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    Sundays Bread

    Baked Sunday after pizzas Saturday night.
    Turkish bread (stone ground unbleached flour)
    French bread (unbleached bread flour)
    Oven temp 220c
    Inside bread temp 95c
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      Braised Duckling

      Braised Duckling cooked with orange juice, red current jelly, red wine, brandy, streaky bacon, French shallots, button mushrooms, garlic, rosemary, bouquet garni and chicken stock served with snow peas and Yorkshire pudding.
      I cut the duckling in quarters and browned slightly in the cast iron pot on the gas top before cooking in WFO. I didn't cook the Yorkshire Pudding in the WFO, you could but it needs pretty high heat about 300c and I was cooking the duckling at 190c. I cooked the duckling for two hours in the WFO I then cooked the snow peas and Yorkshire pudding inside on the gas stove. I had rendered some of the fat from the duckling earlier (these young birds don't have a lot of fat) and saved it to make the puddings.

      Wine; Chardonnay
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        Sizzling Garlic Prawns,

        I got my old cast iron ramikens out for this one.
        Fresh green prawns pealed and devained, butter, garlic and olive oil. Flat leaf parsley and spring onions to serve and some freshly made flat bread. Oven was at 410c the time to cook was about the same time it took to cook a flat bread!!! not very long. Flavor was great and the prawns stayed so fresh.

        Wine; Crisp Chardonnay
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          Eggs Florentine,

          Prepared light pizza dough and laid it over a cast iron ramekin to form a bread like cup to put spinach and eggs in. I placed a baking dish over the cups with the eggs and spinach to create steam to set the eggs cooking temp about 220c. Served with a hollandaise sauce.
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            Re: Whats Cooking at Karangi Kitchen


            Your cast iron ramekins are crazy! I could see doing individual pot pies and freezing them for the kids to reheat in the oven after school.

            At what temp did you make your Eggs Florentine bread cups?


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              Pumkin Pide,

              Baked pumkin and leeks with roasted capsicum, Danish fetta and olive oil.

              See post #2 for spinach with three cheese pide and Morocon spiced lamb pide.
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                Macadamia, Raspberry and White Whocolate Muffins

                I baught a new heavier muffin tray after I cooked some Yorkshire pudding recently the old tray was a bit thin and light. So what to cook in the new tray muffins of course.
                I cooked the muffins at 190c (I had some trouble getting the oven cool enough after cooking pides) I now know that muffins work well in our ovens they came up a treat!!!!.
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                  Fresh Bread and Chicken Liver Parfait

                  Buttermilk Bread,
                  I had left over buttermilk from making muffins so I made buttermilk bread my Wife and Daughter loved it they could not wait to slice and butter it, my Wife said it is a bit naughty but it's a treat.

                  Crusty Bread,
                  I also made a crusty white bread from unbleached flour to go with the parfait (parfait is a silky smooth pate') I made the parfait the night before cooked on the stove top they are fresh cleaned chicken livers, onion, garlic, thyme, butter, french brandy with salt and pepper to taste then topped with a burnt sage butter to seal.

                  I normaly only make hearth bread but I wanted to try out my new bread loaf tins they worked really well.
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                    For the Parfait,
                    500gms Chicken livers cleaned (take out any little white or green bits as they are bitter)
                    1 Red onion diced fine
                    2 Cloves garlic diced fine
                    Small bunch thyme leaves picked
                    Small glass of good brandy
                    Olive oil
                    Sea salt and ground black pepper

                    Saute onions garlic and thyme in a little olive oil and butter for a couple of minutes then add the chopped chicken livers and only cook for about 4 minutes until the livers blush you will see them start to plump add the brandy and flash off the alcohol add a little sea salt and ground black pepper. Remove and blitz in a blender until smooth then add about 200gms of butter cubed 1 at a time and keep blitzing you will see it start to shine. At this sage you might want to add a little more seasoning it lessons when it is refridgerated.
                    Half fill some ramekins and cool before covering with some burnt butter and sage.

                    Burnt butter and sage,
                    Clarify 200gms of butter at low heat when it separates strain through kitchen towel and return to pan then add 10/20 fresh sage leaves and cook until crisp, lift out leaves and turn off the heat let cool then put leaves on parfait and pour over the butter just enough too seal.

                    It will keep in the fridge for 4/5 days

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                      Flavored Bread

                      Onion Bread, Cheese Bread, Plain Loaf and Crusty Knot Rolls

                      Made 3 lots of dough using unbleached bread flour I made a biga the night before.
                      For the onion bread I sauteed 2 small onions in butter just to soften, let cool then added to the dough as I was kneeding saving a little for the top of the loaf.
                      For the cheese bread I used shredded tasty in the same way.
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                        Venison and Red Wine Pie

                        My Son has a friend that is a deer hunter and he gave me some beautifull venison so I made pies.
                        Diced venison, onion, garlic, sage, good red wine, red currant jelly, butter and flour to make a roux, shortbread pastry for bottom and puff pastry for the top.
                        I made 4 pies in cast iron ramekins and 1 large pie in a stainless pie dish, I over filled them a little (by mistake) and they flowed over slightly but the tops still cooked crispy. Cooked them at the same time as I was baking bread they needed about 10mins more than the bread.
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                          Sweet Pastry,

                          I used left over pastry from making pies to create sweet pastry for a desert.
                          Brush pastry with egg wash (wisked egg and water) and sprinkle with raw sugar cook in oven until golden let cool and serve.

                          Rhubarb, Ice Cream and Sweet Pastry
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                            Seasoned Crispy Skin Chicken

                            Seasoned chicken with a dry rub of spices and sprayed with olive oil.
                            I made a rolled seasoning to cook on the baking dish as it would be too moist inside the bird.
                            Placed chicken on stand (rack) and filled tray with beer to keep inside of bird moist.
                            Cooked at 180c for 1.5hrs skin was crisp, inside was moist, the best of both worlds.
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                              Hearth Bread,

                              6 x 600gms Hearth loaves Ciabatta style, proofed on my home made proofing board.
                              The oven definitely performes better when you load it up with lots of bread,
                              there is a lot more moisture and the crust is nice and crunchy.
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                                Light Rye Bread,

                                2 Sandwich loaves and a Hearth loaf.
                                200gms unbleached bread flour poolish 65% hydration.
                                200gms rye flour, 600gms unbleached bread flour and poolish for mix.
                                Sandwich loaves baked in tins then finished on the hearth, cooled, sliced and then frozen ready for lunches.
                                The hearth loaf was devoured with Lurpak Danish Butter whilst still warm.
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