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  • Originally posted by SableSprings View Post
    Has anybody found a source for finger limes in the U.S.? Since both Sharkey and Karangi Dude noted them in this thread I've been on the lookout. I suspect Oregon will be the last place in the world they will be shipped.
    On a trip to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago we stumbled across finger limes being sold at the Embarcadero (sp?). I just happened to notice some in a display case of a little shop in the old terminal that specializes in fresh mushrooms...not sure what the connection was...but I was a happy camper! In addition, I thought they were quite a bargain from what I had fact down right cheap. Less than $4 US for 8 finger limes.

    We took our little bag of them and had lunch at the Slanted Door. I couldn't resist cutting some of the finger limes open and squeezing out beads on various appetizer dishes the four of us had ordered. Great fun & really good food - our conclusion: lime beads are a splendid addition on anything that works with citrus flavors. And of course the waiter commented..."yeah, finger limes are great." as if they were an everyday item for him, go figure.

    Just thought I'd keep this fabulous foodie thread alive and let those of you looking for finger limes in the U.S. know that there's hope... oh, and ...

    Originally posted by deejayoh View Post
    They grow them in California and you can mail order from Shanley Farms
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    I think they probably sell them at places like Uwajimaya in Seattle.

    edit: or it looks like you can get a tree from Sur la Table and grow your own. Probably a cheaper way to go!
    Thanks for giving us some other finger lime options Deejayoh!
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    • To bring Karangi Dude's threads (Cooking and 48" Oven) back to front. Gulf and I, with the permission from Karangi Dude, have restored his two key threads. Enjoys his cooking skill and learn from his building knowledge.
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      • Russel you and Gulf are my heros.
        This forum has not been the same since Karangi disappeared. Must touch base now he lives in my neck of the woods and see what he is up to
        Cheers Colin

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        • Thank you

          Gulf (Joe) and UtahBeehiver (Russell) for restoring this thread and for inviting me back to the forum

          I hope there is something of interest in this thread for our readers

          I look forward to posting some more recipes in the future


          Karangi Dude


          • yay welcome back
            Cheers Colin

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            • Great to have you back looking forward to more mouth watering photos


              • Hazelnut Dessert Pizza
                (with a handle)

                Hazelnut spread mixed chopped nuts and piped maple infused whipped cream

                Stretch normal pizza dough and pinch dough together to create several little handles
                Brush dough with melted butter and drizzle with a little olive oil
                Cook in an oven with a little sting out of it (not quite as hot as you would other pizzas I always cook dessert pizza this way)
                Cook until it is golden brown and remove from the oven
                Spread with hazelnut spread and sprinkle with chopped nuts
                Cut each piece so that forms a little handle and serve with a dollop of whipped cream
                For the maple infused cream pour a little pure maple syrup into thickened cream mix lightly and let rest before whipping

                Other version instead of chopped nuts use sliced fresh (in season) strawberries
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                • Thank you for sharing all of these recipes! Some real mouth watering goodness here


                  • Salumi season,

                    Its winter here in Victoria South Eastern Australia the perfect time to do some Salumi we do this every year about this time.
                    We made about 30kg (66lb) of cured meats mainly pork

                    5 Different kinds of Salami, (Fennel, Chilli, Mild, Red Wine & Pepper and Fennel & White Port)
                    3 Different Capocollo (Pepper, Chilli & Honey and Mustard)
                    1 Pancetta
                    2 Guanciale (pigs cheek) it is like bacon that you use for classic Carbonara
                    2 Duck breast Proscuitto

                    We hand picked our home grown wild fennel for the Finocchiona Salami and used our home grown Chillies as well in the Chilli Salami and Chilli Capocollo

                    It will take about 8 to 10 weeks to dry cure then will be put in cryovac and stored away for later use

                    Cheers Doug
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                    • Confit Duck Pizza

                      Normal pizza dough spread a little grated mozzarella cheese over the dough then shred some pre cooked confit duck (leg and thigh) and some of the duck fat over the top the duck fat will give it flavour and some moisture, cook in the oven as normal (don't over cook as the meat is already cooked)

                      When cooked remove from the oven and dress the pizza with baby rocket, home made duck breast prosciutto sliced very thinly and sprinkle some crumbled soft goats cheese on top

                      Note: If you can't cook confit duck you can buy it at some super markets or delicatessens already cooked, you can substitute duck breast prosciutto with thinly sliced pancetta