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    Potato and Cheese Patties

    When I make potato pizza I boil the potato whole and let cool completely before putting through a ricer.
    I had some left over potato so I mixed (shredded) cheese and added rosemary salt, I dived the mixture to make 3 large patties (about 6’’round) put them on baking paper gave a light spray with olive oil and put them in the oven bake until golden brown

    Cheese and Spinach Bread Slice

    Combine 3 or 4 left over balls of dough and roll out quite thin to form a large rectangle about 14’’ x 18’’ spread evenly with diced spinach, onion and whatever cheeses you have left over such as feta, tasty, bocconcini, brie or parmesan.
    Roll dough up to form a big cigar shape put on baking paper and slash through the dough about ?’’ deep down the middle so it can split open.
    Bake until golden or an internal temp of 95c
    Leave to cool on a rack then slice diagonally to serve
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    • Russell, it is baking paper a nonstick paper good to about 230c / 450f
      I have used it a bit higher and it is ok so long as there are no flames, it is great for cooking all those things that tend to stick as it has a grease proof coating and also good for all those things that are a bit flimsy.
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        I had a lot of left over flour all different kinds so I made up a big bread mix.
        There was rye, semolina, whole wheat, Indian flour I use for nan bread, even some wholemeal self raising, rice flour, powdered milk bread improver etc.

        I put all of the flour along with the powdered milk and improver in a bowl and mixed it all together, I then weighed it and worked out a bread recipe.

        I used 500gms of the mixed flour with 600gms of my standard bakers flour and made several batches in total there was enough to do 12 x 990 gms loaves, there was 4 tin loaves 2 cobb loaves and 6 loaves that I used baking paper to form up.

        My wife said to me what if it does not work out or they taste bad? I said well the birds will be very happy.

        But as it turned out the finished result was great a kind of light rye with nice crumb and crisp and chewy crust, we let them cool completely and then sliced and bagged them before putting the lot in the freezer, we had to put them in 3 different fridges including the one at work as we did not have enough freezer space.

        Since then we have been using the bread for lunches and have given a few away to friends but I think we won’t need to bake bread for a while
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          Each year when we grow zucchini we like to let a couple grow rather large so that we can stuff and bake them, this year we tried a new variety they were round rather than long but tasted just as nice they were about 8'' dia.

          Slice the top of the zucchini and scoop out the soft centre.

          The stuffing for the zucchini is sort of like Greek Moussaka

          First make a b?chamel sauce about a cup full will do you could make more as it keeps well in the fridge and is nice to serve with steamed vegetables.

          In a fry pan soften diced onion and garlic then add lean pork mince and cook for a few minutes, in the meantime grill some slices of eggplant in a griddle or fry pan and set aside.

          Add a small amount of tomato sauce like what you use on pizza to the pork mixture, then add freshly chopped oregano and flat leaf parsley, the dice and add the grilled eggplant stir and continue to cook until the pork is tender and the excess juices have sweated off take of the heat and set aside.

          Put the zucchini on a tray and fill with layers of the meat mixture, bechamel sauce and diced cheese.

          Then put the zucchini in the oven at about 220c for 30 minutes until flesh of the zucchini has softened to test insert a skewer, remove from the oven and let rest before serving.

          Can be eaten as a side dish to meat and vegetables or as a snack hot or cold it is delicious.
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            Duckling pot roasted with a port - red currant sauce

            Clean duckling of any excess fat then wash and pat dry with kitchen towel, stuff the cavity of the duckling with a lemon quartered and bunch of fresh rosemary, set the duck breast side up on a rack placed in a baking dish that has a lid (I actually use the lid for this part, I have a pan that has a lid with a heavy base that can be used as separate dish if need be or they can be joined together to form a roasting pot)

            Put the duck in a fully saturated WFO at about 220c without the lid and bake for 30 minutes to render off any excess fat, remove from oven set aside.

            In the bottom of the baking dish place chopped carrot, celery, onion, garlic, rosemary, season to taste and lift the duck of the rack and place the duck breast side down on the vegetables.

            For the sauce mix half a cup of good port with one cup of chicken stock and 2 tablespoons of red currant jelly and pour over the duck and vegetables, cover with the lid and return to the oven, basting every 20 mins with the pan juices for 60 to 90mins or until the duck is tender, remove from oven.

            Lift the duck onto a rack in the dish without the vegetables and return to the oven for 20 mins or so to crisp up the skin.

            Strain the vegetables reserving the pan juices and return to the dish and put on the stove top to reduce by half for a thicker sauce.

            Served with steamed baby bokchoy, butter beans and stuffed zucchini

            Wine; Chilled Rose' ( rose' is excellent with duck, turkey or pork)
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              I live in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia the home of the Big Banana one of the first big thing attractions in Australia it was started in 1964 and is still going strong. The Big Banana - It's a whole bunch of fun!

              So I thought I should at least do a banana pizza.

              Standard dough, slice a banana diagonally about 5mm thick (use a nice fresh ripe banana not over ripe) and spread evenly over the dough then drizzle with honey and a little olive oil.

              Cook in the WFO when the sting has gone out of the heat, when it is half cooked remove from oven and spread with shaved coconut return and cook until coconut is golden brown.

              Before serving scatter with shaved white melting chocolate
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              • Originally posted by Karangi Dude View Post
                Fig and Goats Cheese Pizza

                Figs are in season at our place so we are cooking, making jam and preserving all things fig.

                Pan fried figs in olive oil with a little balsamic reduction, topped pizza with figs and goats cheese added a drizzle of olive oil and a few fresh mint leaves.
                Served with a sprig of fresh mint for garnish

                Wine; Chardonnay
                Hi Doug

                I check on what you are cooking from time to time to get some good ideas. We did something similar to this recipe on the weekend.

                Caramelised onion, fig and goat cheese pizza. The balsamic was in with the caramelised onions. The goat cheese was home made; it is easy to make.

                This was a real hit.
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                I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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                • Hi Sharkey,

                  Good to see you are still arround the site, sounds like the onion was a good addition will have to try it when our figs are ripe, they are a bit slow this year.
                  Home made goats cheese that's a treat you make me very envious.
                  Cheese is another one to add to the list, this year I hope to be learing how to make salami and prosciutto from this really nice Italian guy that I am helping with his oven, he is old school still cooking the way his mother and grandmother cooked, his home made pasta is like velvet, he is teaching me pasta at the moment, I am thrilled to be learning of such a great cook / chef.
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                  • Baba Ganoush (Eggplant dip)

                    While waiting for my oven to reach temp, I char grilled a fresh eggplant and a capsicum that I had just picked from our vegetable garden, the capsicum was for pizza and I decided to make a dip with eggplant

                    BABA GANOUSH

                    1 large eggplant
                    1/4 cup tahini, plus more as needed
                    2 garlic cloves
                    1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, plus more as needed
                    1 pinch ground cumin
                    salt, to taste
                    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
                    1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
                    Sprinkle of Paprika

                    Char grill the eggplant until it is soft on the inside let cool and remove the flesh and place into a food processor and blend with the remaining ingredients.
                    (Mix and match the other ingredients as you like)
                    Place the mixture in a serving bowl and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika I saved the stem and used it as a garnish along with a sprig of fresh parsley
                    Enjoy with pita bread, crackers or as a side with salad
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                    • Baba Ganoush with freshy baked bread sounds great, I make Chicken Liver Parfait every now and then when I bake bread, I can't stop everybody eating it.

                      Good luck
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                      • Bert,

                        No I have not done the suckling pig yet, it takes a lot to organise and a lot of people to eat it.
                        I did help with some advice for a freind that I helped with his barrel oven when he did one he had killed for Christmas.

                        Bert, your are right about Goat, I just bought some beautiful goat fillet about 1.5kg to go with 1.5kg of buffalo that I have in the freezer, I hope to have a cook up this weekend if things go to plan. I also have some quail, a rabit and chicken livers not sure what I will cook at this stage I am sure my taste buds will tell me on Saturday morning.

                        Here is a couple of pics of the pig he told me it was really good, I did not get to try it as we were in Beechworth for Christmas
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                        • Last weekend we had a fish cook up 3 courses of fish and a dessert

                          First Course;
                          Pan seared scallops with a spinach and basil puree and finger lime beads

                          Second Course;
                          Char grilled salt and pepper squid salad

                          Third Course;
                          Orange roughy (a nice white flesh fish) cooked in a Malaysian style luksa served with a Chinese steamed bun

                          Apple upside down cake with caramel sauce and whipped cream
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                          • Originally posted by Karangi Dude
                            Thanks Sharkey,

                            I also like goat on the bone but these fillets looked to good to pass up.

                            Sharkey, could you PM that recipe please?
                            I put the recipe up on a wine web site a while ago so I'll just post a link to that:

                            Moroccan Slow-Cooked Goat

                            We had this for dinner last night and it was good as always.
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                            I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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                            • Has anybody found a source for finger limes in the U.S.? Since both Sharkey and Karangi Dude noted them in this thread I've been on the lookout. I suspect Oregon will be the last place in the world they will be shipped.

                              (Just keeping the thread "alive")
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                              • They grow them in California and you can mail order from Shanley Farms
                                Shop With Us
                                I think they probably sell them at places like Uwajimaya in Seattle.

                                edit: or it looks like you can get a tree from Sur la Table and grow your own. Probably a cheaper way to go!

                                After my last trip to SE Asia, we bought a Kaffir Lime tree. It took about a year for it to get big enough but now we are getting harvestable leaves.
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