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Oven tool storage

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    Re: Oven tool storage

    Sure you could, great idea!

    You stick the bits down with construction glue or that mortar you use for tiling bathrooms with. Anything you'd use for tiling a bathroom will be fine - if you think about it, bathroom walls are really just a type of really really boring mosaic...

    A mosaic layer will actually make the pot stronger, too. A win-win situation if I ever saw one.
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      Re: Oven tool storage

      [QUOTE=Frances;44791] if you think about it, bathroom walls are really just a type of really really boring mosaic...


      Hey, I actually never thought of that. Can you imagine what Frances's bathroom must look like?
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        Re: Oven tool storage

        I just showed off my oven to a friend and his friend who is ordering one tonight! Seeing as it's about 12 degrees out with winds blowing like crazy, it was fun. We do use the oven weekly. Which brings me to this topic. How embarrassing to have my tools standing in a KMart white wire laundry rack. May will be two years so it's time to upgrade. Duh. Wind is a factor up here and the flat tools pick it right up. Hoping that a really heavy pot will do the trick. The good thing is we work in glass and my friend is a very skilled mosaic artist. I see a future starting now. Why I didn't find this before...or design a rack when the oven was designed???? Thanks!


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          Re: Oven tool storage

          Pat - blew the dust off of this thread. I probably posted this years ago but my gun rack works great, inexpensive to build, and it's all at the big box stores. Post # 216

          Check out my pictures here:

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            Re: Oven tool storage

            attached should be a PIC of my storage..... and old golf cart + used bag.... bought at a 2nd hand sporting goods store

            also, last night was "First Night" for pizza... Daytona Beach FL


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              Re: Oven tool storage

              this is my version. it is a tool holder for from lowes i think. cheap and works good on an enclosed oven.

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